Cleansing Dawn

The Dream Sanctuary

The Three Finally Meet

Tornin the barbarian was helping the guards fight the crazy fires that seemed to come alive.  At that moment, Nalla and Heptel arrived at the Sanctuary and saw so much chaos.   They heard a voice yelling at them to go and help stop the fires from spreading.  After a few minutes, the fires quelled down with help of the trio.  The voice that yelled at the duo earlier was from a woman clad in full plate armor.


She introduced herself as Diamara, a Paladin who was tasked to bring justice to a dark figure.   She said that she have to remain outside and make sure no more danger come.  SHe asked the three to go inside and secure the building.  


The trio finally introduced themselves and realized that they are meant to be together.  They went inside and discovered many different new things about each other and about the place.  After two hours of taking care of uninvited visitors and help secure the building from a unhinged fire elemental that nearly broke free of its iron prison, they found out that theres a coffin that Diamara is supposed to take care of. The trio, with help of an Owlbear and Sten the Dream Keeper, managed to find out that there is a ritual that is needed to vanquish the dark spirit that comes from the coffin.   One thing they noticed during their short time in the Dream Sanctuary was that they found a pair of twins who was being attacked by intellect devourers. They revealed that Diamara fought an odd person that happened to have a head of a octopus. The kids explained that a weird fog came in and the two people that was fighting seemed confused after the fog came. THey didnt feel comfortable being near Diamara.

They went in and fought the dark spirit while Heptel went on to complete the ritual.   When they managed to finish the ritual, they heard a female voice behind them cursing them for stopping the dark spirit from being free.    THey looked around quickly and saw that it was Diamara.  She said that the trio will not succeed in their quest. She fled quickly and vanished from sight.  The trio discussed with Sten and asked what should they do.  They decided to head back to Orzammar to consult with Queen Amber.  But they agreed that they needed to take precautions because of Tornin still being wanted for the murder of the King.    

This is where we left off with the three. 


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