Cleansing Dawn

The Chase

Kaori Nalla Sunsinger Ogolakana

Nalla found herself at the gates of the city, Orzammar with a lot of pelts from her travels.  She needed a way to make gold so she thought that she could sell her goods.  When she arrived at the gates, the guards asked her for her cause. She gestured at her pelts and the guards nodded and allowed her to enter, not before they gave her directions how to find the marketplace.   She thanked the guards and headed over to the marketplace.  She made it to the marketplace with no problems due to the noise of people yelling trying to sell their products.   She wandered for a bit before she got bumped by a boy who apologized and sprinted off.

She noticed that a couple of her best pelts was missing.  She saw the boy look back and realized she noticed that her pelts were missing. He started to run faster and disappeared into a crowd.  Nalla was angry so she decided to pursuit him.  She saw him pushing some people aside.  She chased him down the busy street.  He turned into a quieter street while pushing carts in her way.  She didn't even slow down.  She ran faster and leaped over overturned carts and products.  The people was surprised how adeptly she leaped over their goods with a heavy load on her back.   The boy looked back again while sprinting down the street and saw that she is still behind her.  He turned another corner into a narrow alley.  He kept grabbing boxes and carts to throw her off. 

Nalla turned into the same alley and saw that the alley was full of boxes. She saw a stack of boxes that looked like stairs almost.  She decided to run up the boxes and run along the roof.  However, the idea was clever.  She did manage to make it up on the roof but not before breaking one of the boxes and almost fell off the roof.   She scrambled to her feet on the rooftops.  She ran harder and saw that she could reach him before he vanished in a crowd again.  She ran harder and jumped off the roof. She managed to catch him and had him in a headlock when she heard a voice. 

The voice said that was an impressive catch she did.  She looked up at the voice and saw a tall man covered in furs and had a wolf pelt on his back where the head actually rests on top of his head. 

He asked if she was willing to let him go if he gave back the pelts.  Nalla didn't trust the boy but wanted to let him know that she was willing to compromise.  So she let him go but grabbed the back of his shirt.  The boy gave back the pelts.  She still had her hands on his shirt.  The man laughed and said that she didn't have to worry about him because he wont do it again.  He revealed that the boy is actually his nephew.   The boy scowled at the man.  The man introduced himself as the Huntsman and the boy as Paul.  Paul struggled a bit against Nalla's grasp.  She finally let him go after the Huntsman made a deal with her.  She was to train the boy how to trap as well as she did. She will be well compensated for her pelts and have a place to stay for the night. 

He invited her to his house for the night after a long day of training Paul.  Paul was a quick study which pleased Huntsman and Nalla a lot for different reasons.   Nalla had dinner with Huntsman, Paul, and Paul's mother.   Nalla stayed in her room for the evening, unsure of her new environments.  She didn't feel comfortable enough to sleep without her weapons nearby so she hid a javelin under the guest bed before she went ot sleep.

A few hours later, Nalla woke up with a jolt due to a loud alarm.   She jumped off ht bed and grabbed the javelin in one fluid motion.  She heard a knock at the door and the voice of Huntsman asking if she was presentable and to follow him downstairs. 

She grabbed all her stuff and followed him to teh front door.  He told her that she is to stay by his side until he says so.   They ran out fo the door with Paul's protests of wanting to go and his mother refusing him to go.    

Huntsman led Nalla down the big street up to the castle's massive gates.  There, they saw a large crowd of people gathering around two figures.  One was wearing a white hooded robe with a very indistinct symbol. One was in full plate armor.  The Hooded man spoke about what happened, that the King was murdered in his bedchambers by a Half-Orc woman that claimed to be the Orcish princess.  The people were to find her immediately and bring her back.   He turned to the full plate armored man and told him that he have the crowd's attention.  Nalla heard the man saying that he better find the woman or it will be his life.  the last word she heard was Captain.  

The Captain addressed the crowd by stating the guilds' names and what section of the city they have.   When everyone dispersed, the captain called for the Hunting Guild to come with him, Nalla noticed that it was just the Huntsman and her remaining.  SHe looked puzzled for a moment. She didn't have much time to think because the Huntsman started to walk toward the Captain and followed him through the gates.

They walked through the courtyard in silence. The Captain walked into the castle and the duo followed suit.   They walked through the lobby and entered a hallway to the right of the staircase on the first floor.  They entered another door that seems to be bedchambers intended for royalty.  The Captain told them that if they want, they can investigate the room and see fi they can find anything.  The Huntsman told the Captain that he appreciates that and that he will get the Captain if he find anything.

The Huntsman walked around while looking very carefully.  Nalla started to do the same but she noticed very briefly that the Huntsman did something odd with his nose but she just pegged it to something that she doesn't understand.   He asked her if she noticed anything.. Nalla was in the bathroom when he asked.  She looked at a pile of towels and noticed that there was something in there. She found a glass orb.  She pocketed it and told him about it.  The Huntsman said that he recognize it as a valuable gift from the Queen to the Orcish Princess. So it must be a lie. 

He told her to say nothing of this and ot keep it on her until she finds the Princess.  He said that there are evil things that will happen and it revolves the Princess somehow.   He told her that he thinks the Princess may be still in town and that we need to find her before anyone else could.  HE mentioned that there is a Druid here as well and he need to find him quickly.   

The Huntsman told Nalla that they need to separate to find her and the Druid.  Nalla asked how will she know who is who. The Huntsman told her that she will know when she encounters them for different reasons. For the princess, its because of her appearance. For the Druid, its the magical abilities the Druid possesses.    He also explained how Half-Orcs will look like and what teh Druid's general appearance may be, as they walked out fo the castle  and through teh courtyard.

They left the gates and separated.  Nalla headed East.   As she walked through the streets, she over heard a small group of five white hooded figures.  She recalled the advisor wearing a similar robe.  She noticed the same symbol while heard one say that they must find the Druid and make sure he join them or he will die.   They sprinted into an narrow alley.  She decided to follow them because of the Druid.   She kept her distance but realized she didn't hae to because they weren't looking behind them. They were looking for the druid.   She followed them down several different alleys and she decided to try and find the druid before they did while following them.  She saw similar boxes stacked to look like stairs.  She leaped up the boxes and landed on the roof very quietly.  She ran along the rooftops. 

On her left, she could see the five hooded people.  She glanced on her right, far head up the street, a tall hooded figure walking. It looks like the group will run into that figure. So she ran harder and arrived at the edge before the group did.  She knelt down behind a chimney and readied her javelin once she realized that the lone hooded figure was the druid.  

The group saw the hooded figure and confronted the figure.  From Nalla's perspective, it looked like teh group was threatening the figure somehow.  Then suddenly one lunged toward the figure.  She looked harder and saw the lone figure throw up an arm and suddenly four of the figures were entangled in something she couldn't see very well. 


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