Cleansing Dawn


Tornin Thokk

After a long rough night of riding, Tornin made it to the city, Orzammar, early in the morning.  She carefully made her way to the main entrance of the castle.  SHe was taken aback by the sheer size of the castle.  She stood at 5'8 and the main gate of the castle stood at TWO HUNDRED feet. She stated her reason for admission.  She was glared the whole way from entering Orzammar to the castle's gate.  You have to understand, the Dwarves and the Orcs hate each other.  The two races always have been at it until the Druids intervened and established the Treaty of the Druids.  The details of the treaty have been long forgotten but they do remember one thing, if there's a war, it will mean the end of the Druids' support.   As she stood there waiting for permission to enter, she heard the portcullis's gears start to grind and move.  It took the guards five minutes to get the portcullis high enough for Tornin to walk through without bending down to avoid hitting her head on the metal. She met up with Lady Mardred, the main lady-in-waiting of the Queen.  

Lady Mardred apologized for the long wait.  She told Tornin she can have her horse rested in the the stables.   Lady Mardred motioned for Tornin to follow her.  They walked into the castle's lobby.  Tornin stopped for a moment and looked around the room.  The lobby is similar to the gate in the matters of height.  The room is two hundred feet high and she could see four floors up.  There are balconies on the sides of the room that shows how many floors that are visible.  She could see one large but very ornate set of stairs that take up the whole room.  Lady Mardred explained that this is the primary entrance to see the King and the Queen but first she need to take Tornin to the guest quarters so she can refreshen up.  Tornin agreed on the idea of refreshen up before meeting the Queen.  Lady Mardred led Tornin into a hallway on teh right side of the large staircase. Lady Mardred led Tornin into a room that is quite large.  She told Tornin that she will have a lady-in-waiting to stand by for her.  She departed for a short time and returned with a young and mousy looking female dwarf. Lady Mardred introduced the young female as Vistra, a lady-in-waiting that is in training.  Lady Mardred told Vistra to help Tornin with anything she need.  She said that she will return when the Queen is ready for her. Lady Mardred departed very quietly and closed the door behind her. Vistra asked if Tornin wanted help getting out of her traveling gear and into the bath.  Tornin agreed and had Vistra helping her get out of the gear and into the bath.  Vistra told her she need to go and get the dresses for Tornin and bowed before departing. Tornin sat in the steamy tub for a good chunk of time and relaxed. 

Tornin heard Vistra return with two other girls.  Vistra knocked at the door asking if Tornin was ready to be out of the bath.  Tornin told Vistra that she is ready.  With that, Vistra entered the room and helped Tornin out of the bath. With two other girls' help, Vistra got Tornin dry and in one of the guest dresses.  They heard a knock at the door and a voice wafted in the room asking if Tornin is presentable for company.  Vistra came to the door and opened the door saying yes.  IT was Lady Mardred standing at teh door. She smiled and entered the room.  She asked if the dress fit Tornin well. Tornin was surprised at how well the dress fit.   Lady Mardred explained that its one of the many many different duties the ladies-in-waiting possesses.  Lady Mardred told Vistra to tidy up and to wait here while Lady Mardred take Tornin up to meet with the Queen.

Lady Mardred led Tornin out of the room and down the same hallway in the opposite direction.   They arrived at one of many large tapestry.  Lady Mardred glanced around before moving one side of the tapestry and revealed a door. She opened the door and motioned for Tornin to enter.  Tornin went in first with Lady Mardred behind her. Lady Mardred closed the door quietly and told Tornin to follow her.  They walked down the quiet hallway to a spiral staircase.  She went up the stairs with Tornin in tow.  The spiral staircase seemed to go forever.  They finally arrived at the landing and there was a door that seemed to be a part of the wall. If it wasn't for Lady Mardred opening the door, Tornin wouldn't have noticed that it was a door instead of a wall.  They entered the room and Tornin stopped a bit because she was surprised how large the room was and how covered the room was in different fabric, different materials, so many different colors.  She saw Lady Mardred walk up to a chair and bowed.  She realized that the chair wasn't empty.  A beautiful stout woman was sitting there working on a large tapestry.  

Tornin saw that it was the Queen, Amber Frostbeard.  The Queen stopped working on the tapestry and stood up and beckoned for Tornin to come closer and sit by her.  Tornin came over and sat down, but not before curtsying  to the Queen.  The Queen laughed and said that she didn't have to do that.  The Queen told Tornin to call her Amber, not Queen Amber. Amber went on to ask Tornin how her family was doing. Tornin started to explain to Amber about what happened since then.   Amber just sat there and listened while Tornin explained about the advisor and the fight that broke out before she fled.  Amber looked very sad when Tornin finished her short story.  Amber said that she had suspicions that someone have been stopping her letters to Tornin's mother and that Tornin's story confirmed Amber's suspicions. She stood up and walked over to a large tapestry, while asking Tornin if the advisor had this symbol etched on his robes somewhere.  

Tornin nodded yes. Amber looked very angry and cursed which startled Tornin a bit.  She explained a bit about what this symbol was and what her suspicions were.  Amber told Tornin that she have a guest she need to attend to soon and that Lady Mardred will escort Tornin back to her room for the evening.  She also said that Miss Vistra will be bringing in her dinner and to remain by her side until Lady Mardred come and get her in the morning.   Lady Mardred escorted Tornin back to her room, but not before Tornin could give Amber a big hug.

Three hours later, Tornin was sitting in her room when Vistra said she need to go.  Tornin didn't pay her any mind until she heard a loud banging on her door, a half hour after Vistra left.  Tornin jumped up and walked very quickly to the door. She saw Lady Mardred wearing full leather armor and looking very concerned.  She asked where Vistra was. Tornin said that she has been gone for a bit.  Lady Mardred looked very angry and told Tornin to go and get her gear on because Tornin need to go right now.  Tornin looked very confused and went to get her gear on.  As Tornin was donning her gear, she asked what is going on.  As she asked what was happening, a very loud alarm went off and Lady Mardred jumped.  She yelled at Tornin to hurry and follow her!  Tornin leapt off her feet and followed Mardred. Lady Mardred gave her the very short version of the story.  Apparently the King was murdered and the murderer is Tornin. Lady Mardred knew that this isn't true, hence her aiding Tornin.  She explained that Amber knew it as well and wants Tornin to go to the Dream Sanctuary in the Northwestern part of the Mountain Valleys.  Lady Mardred told Tornin that right now Tornin have only five minutes to get out before the gates are sealed.  Tornin beckoned Lady Mardred farewell and said she will send word to her about her whereabouts.  Lady Mardred said no need because Amber will always know.  

Tornin mounted her horse and sprinted out of Orzammar while the alarm is blaring away.  She headed northwest.  She arrived at the base of a very large and thick forest that seems to be on a very large hill.  She dismounted her horse and walked up the hill with her horse.  Half way up the hill, she could smell smoke and could see the orange glow of fire.  She realized osmething is on fire up the hill.  So she ran up the hill and saw a large stone building in middle of a clearing that seems to be full fo activity.  There were people fighting against eachother and some were fighting the fire.  Tornin was standing dumbstruck when someone yelled at her to go and help stop the fire from spreading!   Tornin ran and grabbed a bucket of water.


This is where Tornin stops off at.





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