Cleansing Dawn

Becoming a Druid

Myastan Heptel

It was late in the morning when Heptel was just arriving at the entrance of the city Orzammar, as he was encountered by the guards.  The guards asked for his cause for entrance.  Heptel was hooded at the time and he said that he's on a mission to meet with the Queen of the Mountain Valleys for Druids buisness.  The guards looked wary so Heptel turned around and showed the symbol of the Tree of the Druids, Irminsul.

The guards realized that Heptel was serious so they allowed him entrance. They told him to walk straight up the road and he will arrive at the gates of the Castle.   Heptel bowed his head and thanked them.  He walked through the entrance of the city.  He was marveled by the busy city life as he walked up to the gates.  When he arrived at the gates, he looked up and saw that the gates were around 200 feet high and completely secured by a large portcullis.  The guards there requested his reason.  Heptel stated his reason again.  The guards scoffed at him and laughed. They didn't believe him to be a Druid. So Heptel just placed his hand out, his palm facing up.  The guards stood back and saw his scaly hand.  They were very unsure.  Suddenly a beautiful flower grew out of his hand and Heptel asked if they believe him now. The guards realized that no one could do that unless they are a part of the Druids. They granted him admission and started the portcullis.   IT took them five minutes to lift the portcullis high enough for Heptel to walk through without bending down.   He still had the flower in his palm when he saw a Dwarven woman standing at the entrance looking like she was looking for someone.   He walked up to her and asked if she were looking for a Druid.  SHe nodded and asked if Heptel was the Druid.  He lowered his hood and handed her the flower acknowledging that he's the Druid.  She told him to follow her as she turned around to walk up the stairs.  She called for Vistra, a lady-in-waiting trainee.  A mousy looking young girl walked over very quickly and bowed.  The woman handed over the flower to Vistra and told her to go and plant it in the Garden of the Druids.  Vistra nodded and bowed before she departed.  The woman stopped and introduced herself as Lady Mardred, the head lady-in-waiting of Queen Amber Frostbeard.  Heptel took notice to the surname but didn't raise any voice toward that.  He introduced himself as Myastan Heptel, a new Druid.  She smiled and beckoned him to follow her.  She explained to Heptel about the castle and how their customs worked as they walked up the large, very large staircase. As Lady Mardred was explaining, Heptel walked with her and looked around the room.  He marveled at the fine stonework and took notice of four sets of balconies on both side of the rooms.  Lady Mardred explained that each floor have their own purpose.  Heptel noticed that there were no way of getting off at each floor. The staircase led up to the very top floor.

Once they arrived at the top floor, he saw a hallway on each side of the floor and right in front of him, he see a very large and ornate set of stone doors.  Lady Mardred walked up and stated her name and title and introduced Heptel as the Druid Heptel here to see the King and the Queen on Druid business.  The guards at the door nodded and grabbed the door handles and pulled.   The doors opened very easily.  Lady Mardred bowed and walked in.  Heptel just followed her in teh room.  

Heptel walked into a very large, but very ornate room. He could see two large stone thrones at the end of the room. The chairs were occupied.  He noticed that there was only five people in the room including Lady Mardred and himself.  Two of them were sitting on the stone thrones.  One was standing by the biggest throne. Heptel noticed the standing figure was wearing white hooded robes with a very indistinct symbol.  He looked over at the sitting figures. The one sitting on the largest throne was a male that looked a bit crazed but still together.  The other sitting figure was a stout female that looked very pleased to see Heptel.   Lady Mardred stopped 20 feet away from the thrones and stated her identity and introduced Heptel to the three figures. She turned around and introduced the three figures.  The sitting male is King Flint Fireforge while the female is Queen Amber Frostbeard.  Lady Mardred introduced the hooded figure as the Royal Advisor. 

Flint Fireforge

Amber Frostbeard

The symbol on the robes.

Lady Mardred bowed again before walking up to stand by Queen Amber.  The King addressed Heptel as the Druid, demanding why he requested their audience.  Heptel introduced himself and told the King that he was asked to come here to check on the royalty and to see how they were doing because his mentor is Bruenor Frostbeard and Silaqui felt it was appropriate for Heptel to inform them that. It was what Silaqui told him to tell them if this was asked from the King.  Heptel knew that the king was not in the right state of mind and Silaqui didn't trust the king at the point.   The King scoffed and said that this was a waste of their time. He stood up and walked off to the right side of the room with the Advisor in tow. Heptel looked on as they walked out. Heptel noticed the symbol on the back of the robes.

Queen Amber just sat there quietly.  When the sound of the door closed behind the Advisor, Queen Amber looked over at Lady Mardred and asked if its safe to talk.   Lady Mardred nodded and Queen Amber stood up. She walked down the few steps down over to Heptel and addressed him as Heptel.

She asked him how Silaqui was doing.  She beckoned at him to walk by her as they walk down to the left side of the room.  He replied that Silaqui is doing well and that she requested him to go and talk to Queen Amber alone if possible.   Queen Amber smiled and told Heptel to call her Amber.   She went on to say that she is doing well and to let Silaqui know. She asked how the old grouch Bruenor was doing.  Heptel must have looked confused because Amber started to laugh and explained that Bruenor is her older brother and he was supposed to assume the throne. But he refused and left, leaving the throne to King Flint.  She asked Heptel to join her for dinner in the royal dining room.  Heptel accepted the invitation.   Amber smiled again and told Heptel to take a short rest until then. She told Lady Mardred to go with him and ensure hes comfortable.  

Lady Mardred led Heptel back down to teh large lobby and walked to the left side of the entrance.  She told him that she will be back shortly to retrieve him for dinner. She said that Queen Amber have more things she want to ask btu she had other responsibilities she needed to tend to first.  Lady Mardred departed.  Heptel sat down and gathered his thoughts while figuring out how to ask Queen Amber the questions he was to ask about the rising concerns of Silaqui and the real reason behind why he was sent to meet with her.  About a half hour went by before Heptel heard a knock at the door.  He walked over and opened the door. It was Lady Mardred smiling.  She asked if he is ready for dinner.  He nodded and walked with her back up the stairs to the royal dining room.   

They entered teh dining room.  There was a very long table with so many chairs.   Heptel noticed that the King sat at one end while the Queen sat on the other side.  He also saw that the Advisor was still by the king's side.   Lady Mardred told Heptel to sit on the Queen's right.    Heptel did as he was told.

They sat and ate in silence for ten minutes before the King stood up and said that he's going to his bedchambers for the night. The king walked off. The advisor stood there a bit staring at Heptel, before following the King.   Once the door closed behind the advisor, Amber said that its safe to talk now.   She said that Heptel must have a lot of questions already.  Heptel nodded and asked her about the advisor and the symbol.  Amber looked at Heptel and smiled faintly.  She said that the advisor is new, he replaced the old one who was found dead in his bedchambers.  She have no idea how teh new one was found so quickly.  She explains about teh symbol and shared her thoughts.  Oddly enough, her thoughts matched Silaqui's thoughts.   Heptel confirmed that and shared what Silaqui's thoughts were.  Amber nodded in agreement and said that she will resume to keep an eye on the Advisor and his activities.   Heptel and Amber sat in teh dining room for two hours conversing about what is happening and what's going on.  Amber mentioned something about a Half-Orc princess that is in the castle and she believes that the princess may be in great danger because fo the same symbol.  Amber asked Heptel to meet her and the princess in the morning. She believes that they both can benefit from each other greatly.   She told Heptel that it is getting late and she need to rest for the night.  She asked Lady Mardred to lead Heptel back to his room and ensure his guards to be there.  

Lady Mardred nodded and led Heptel back to the bedroom.   She said that if Heptel needed anything, to just tell one fo the guards to go and retrieve one of the squires.   She bowed Heptel farewell.  Heptel sat on his bed for a moment.  He started to get ready for bed and went to sleep.  

A few hours went by and Heptel was awoken up by a loud alarm going off.  He jumped out of the bed and grabbed his staff.  Next thing he heard was a very loud knock at the door. Heptel didn't move a inch when teh door opened and Lady Mardred ran in and asking if Heptel was okay.  Heptel nodded.  She replied with Good! Come with me!   She spun around and ran out of the room.  Heptel grabbed all his stuff and followed her out.   They ran out of the castle into teh court yard.  Heptel saw a large crowd gathering at the gates.  She told him to follow her.  She ran to the left side and opened a door and went in. Heptel followed suit.  They found themselves on teh other side of the castle walls.  She walked up into the crowd with Heptel on her heels.  They saw teh Advisor standing in front of the crowd.  He started to talk about the king being murdered and the murderer is a half orc woman that claimed to be the Orcish Princess.  He said that it is not true and that she must be caught immediately.  Then the Advisor turned to one man in armor and said that the group is now to him and advisor called him Captain.  At that point, Mardred turned to Heptel and whispered that Tornin is the true princess and she did NOT kill the king.  Amber knows the truth and Mardred knows the truth.  Its the advisor who did but they need to gather evidence to connect them.   She asked Heptel to find Tornin and ensure she still lives because she is very important to the kingdoms!  She told Heptel that Tornin should make it out of th city but if not, she cant be found by anyone but Mardred or Heptel.  If they cant find her, it means she made it out safely but which mean Heptel will have to go and find her.  Mardred said that she will find him within two hours. 

Heptel nodded and headed east while Mardred headed west.    Heptel was walking around and looking for Tornin when he was confronted by a group of five white hooded figures.  They said that he, the druid, must come with them or die. Heptel refused to. So at that point, one of the figures lunged at Heptel. 




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