Darkvoid is a world that is covered in darkness. No sinister cause behind the darkness. It is just how the world is.  They do get light from the sun, that comes every one thousand years.  Darkvoid have two moons. One shows the day time while the other shows the night.  The regular daytime is shown by the blue moon.  The night is shown by a purple moon with aurora borealis and stars covering the night sky.  The blue moon is a bit brighter than the purple moon.  And the key thing here is Magic is rare and dangerous.  There have been stories of people trying to harness magic and to dominate races and lands under one rule. So magic is branded dangerous and have to be watched closely.  

There is six lands in the world of Darkvoid. Draconia, Aurora, the Shireland, Gnominani, and the Mountain Valleys makes up the majority of the world's population.  There is one unique land that the majority of Darkvoid's residents never laid eyes upon except for the mist around their lands respectively.  They may try to make an effort to see the land in teh mist.  This land is the land of the Druids.  The druids may allow certain individuals to see this land.  

When the sun comes out,  everything is very bright, with a prismatic glow around everything.  There's rumors of the world's end when the Sun comes.  There happen to be a group that believe strongly that when the Sun come, it will burn everyone that is considered impure or sinister.  Some of the people in the group will try to kill some certain people that they deem unworthy to lay eyes upon the sun.   The group calls the sun the Cleansing Light. SO the group call themselves the Cult of the Cleansing Light.  

TO understand how this world work, you need to understand that the Druids are the ones who keep the world's balance in order. Each land have a leader chosen to lead. Some may be chosen by the people. Some are chosen due to their bloodlines.    There are factions that help keep the balance between lands and cities. The factions are the Druids, the Circle of Magi, the Templars, the Carta, the Guilds, the Towers, and the religious sects.  Each faction isn't singular but spread out in the lands. Each land will have one of each except for the Druids  and the Towers.  The reasons behind this will be explained here.  

The Druids are responsible for the world's fate. To be a druid, you will have to show the ability to coexist peacefully with the nature with your innate magical strength. You don't have to have magical power to be a part of this faction. You can be invited to become the guards or a traveling companion for the Druids. The rules of the worlds doesn't apply to the Druids.  The Druids have to be apart from the laws of the lands to be able to keep their position of neutrality and to maintain the balance.  The balance can be easily toppled over if there are wars happening.   If one druid happen to be corrupted, it is up to the Druids to resolve this. If it was the Head Druid that was corrupted, it is up to the leaders of the Druidic Circles to take charge and take care of the problem.

The Circle of Magi is a group of magic users. If you are shown to have magical affinity, you are to be separated from your family and loved ones to be placed in a large place where magic is to be watched.  The people of this group try their hardest to show that with right guidance and good intentions, the magic users can co-exist with the outside world peacefully.  Each land will have one Circle of Magi each.  All the circles answer to one person who is chosen to be in charge as the First Enchanter. The First Enchanter will talk to the Templars and the Templars are to show respect and listen to the First Enchanter.  There are people who are illegal magic users. They are called apostles.  This rule of magic must be monitored does not apply to the Druids.

The Templars are a group of soldiers that work with the governing boards, leaders, and religious sects.  They watch over the Circle of Magi's. There are five circles in total so naturally, there is five orders of Templars.  The leader of the Templars is to show that he/she is capable of keeping order and establish laws within the Orders. This leader is considered the Knight-Commander. With the Knight-Commander's permission, some Templars can go and hunt down apostles and bring them back to the Circle of Magi to face judgments from the First Enchanter and the Knight-Commander.  The Templars are very uneasy when a Druid is around. it is probably because the fact that The Druid can do whatever they desire and the Templars cant do anything.

The Carta is a group that like to work with the Guilds but only focusing on the illegal goods and specializing in the black market.  So basically the shadows of the Guilds.   There is one in every city and town if you know where to look. the leader is called "The Boss."

The Guilds are made out of all different groups of talented people who are skilled in their trades. Such as merchants, tradesmen, trappers, blacksmiths.  They are in every city, every town, and villages. In villages usually, there is only one or two of merchants or blacksmith.

The Towers is consisted out of the Royalty, the leaders of each lands, and the nobility.   The Towers is in charge of their own lands and works very closely with the Circle of Magi's and the Templars.  The religious sects work with teh Towers as well to help provide insight behind decisions that need to be made.  If there are situations where the lands need to address with teh Druids, they can start a formal process called the Landsmeet.  This will enable the Druids to come and meet with the Towers to discuss problems or potential issues that may show up.  

The religious sects are so numerous that they all cant be named. But each land have their own sects and beliefs.  There are certain individuals in the sects that are allowed to use magic. This is because of the agreement between the sects and the Templars to allow some Templars to reside in the sects if they wish to not be in the Circle of Magi.

Cleansing Dawn

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