Cleansing Dawn

The start

The world of Darkvoid is an interesting world. There are six lands in total but only five are well known. The sixth is a mystery to the majority of the world's residents.  The five lands are: Draconia- the land of the Dragonborns, Aurora- the land of Elves, Gnominani-the land of Gnomes, the Shireland- the land of Halflings, and Mountain Valleys- the land of Dwarves.  With that said, there are many more races that do live in the world of Darkvoid such as the Genasi's, the nomadic tribes of Goliaths, the bloodthristy Orcs, the versatile Humans, the winged race of Aarakocra, the demonic looking Tieflings, andthe angelic Aasimar.  Naturally, there are mixed races such as Half-elves and Half-Orcs. They live with their respective races depending on who decided to keep the child or take the child.

One thing you have to understand about this world, it is not exactly a normal world.  It is surrounded in darkness. The world do have a sun that comes every 1000 years.  With that said, the races have developed ways to survive without the sunlight.  However, there is an sinister influence within the world of Darkvoid.  There are people that desire to see the sunlight envelope the world forever and ever. if that is to happen, it will mean great danger to many and many living things.    Magic is very rare and is watched very closely by the Templars and the Circle of Magi.

We will be focusing on the adventures of three unique individuals in this adventure.; the Orcish Princess Tornin Thokk, the Dragonborn Myastan Heptel, and the Goliath Kaori Nalla "Sunsinger" Ogolakana.

Tornin is a Half-Orc being that was raised in the Orcish Royality.  Being a Half-Orc, she have the bloodthirst of fighting and she decided on embracing that by becoming a dangerous Barbarian. The Orcs were granted a small section fo the Mountain Valleys to have as their "kingdom."  The Orc King/Queen are to work closely with the true Kings/Queens of Mountain Valleys.  Devastated with the loss of her family because of the new Royal Advisor, she fled her kingdom and seeking shelter from the Queen of the Mountain Valleys.

Heptel is a rare breed of Silver Dragonborn that was isolated the majority of his life.  You can see many different shades of Dragonborns but Silver ones are very rare and considered very dangerous because of the strong blood connections they have to the realm of Magic.   Heptel have an uncanny connection with the powerful force of Nature.  During one of his fun trysts out in the Wilds of Draconia, he ran into a woman that was trapped in quicksand. He came ot her rescue and little did he know that his life will be changed forever.  She is the Arch-Druid Silaqui.  She introduced Heptel to the world of the Druids. After two years of training, he earned his place as a Druid and was to go to Orzammar and request the presence of the Queen Amber Frostbeard of the Mountain Valleys on the request of the Tree of Druids, Irminsul.  He gained a lot of insight about what is going on in the world of Darkvoid.

Kaori, or we will call her as Nalla, was raised in an unique tribe of Goliaths that does not travel. She was raised in the way of the Barbarian Totemic Warrior. Her tribe have a different type of beliefs about how the world worked and how they will continue after they die.  They believe that the soul of the departed will burn a hole in the dark sky and create a "hole" or a star where they can pass through to the beyond. And the holes are how the departed are to watch over their tribe.   She experienced a loss in her life that drove her to travel around the land of Mountain Valleys. She arrived to the city of Orzammar where the ruling King and QUeen of the Mountain Valleys resides.  During an encounter, she met the Huntsman of the Hunting Guild.  He invited her to join the Guild.  


The adventure starts now.


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