Cleansing Dawn

The Druid and the Barbarian

Kaori Nalla Sunsinger Ogolakana and Myastan Heptel

As one of the five lunged at Heptel, Heptel reacted with a spell. Four out of the five were suddenly entangled by vines and weeds that came out of no where under them.   Two sprang free of the thorns, but not before Heptel casted another spell that seemed to inflict more damage to one of them. Suddenly one was impaled by a javelin that came out of no where.   

Nalla saw an opening and threw two different javelins at one of the hooded figures.  She leapt down after realizing that some of them are capable of weaving the magic around and inflict damage on her. She came in closer and helped Heptel take care of the five. One was still entangled until the end. He managed to break free, but not before his four companions were killed.  He decided to run.  Heptel tried to trip the last figure. But the figure managed to make it out alive and uncaught. 

Heptel turned to Nalla and introduced himself and thanking her for her help.  She greeted him as well and introduced herself as well.  once the pleasantries were exchanged, they heard a voice coming from the west.  Lady Mardred found them and told Heptel that she couldn't find Tornin anywhere.   Heptel nodded in agreement and told Mardred about what happened.  Mardred looked concerned and told one of the guards that was following her to find this figure and to bring to the dungeons without letting the Advisor know.  

Lady Mardred looked back at Heptel and glanced at Nalla.  Heptel told Mardred that Nalla helped him get out of that situation.  Nalla told them that she was to find the Orcish Princess and help her escape and to find the Druid as well.  SHe mentioned that she is a part of the Hunting Guild. Lady Mardred looked very happy to hear that.  She praised Irminsul and told them that they need to leave the city immediately to find her.  They looked at each other and they realized that they are in a bigger part of something big to come.   Heptel nodded and told Lady Mardred that he will stay in touch.  Lady Mardred smiled and said that Heptel didn't have to worry because Amber will always know what is happening.  She revealed that Amber and herself is a part of the Druids, as their protectors and spies in the outlying lands.  She said that Amber will contact him soon.   Heptel nodded once he understood what was happening. 

Nalla shrugged and went along with it.  She asked Mardred to let the Huntsman know.  She smiled and  said that he will know and if he need of her, he will contact Amber himself.    Mardred told them that there will be horses at the gates of the city waiting for them.  They need to head to the Dream Sanctuary in the northwest.  She whispered that Tornin should be heading there because that was the last thing Mardred told her. 

The duo nodded in agreement and headed south to the gates of the city.  They arrived to the gates and teh guards noticed Heptel and allowed them to pass. The guards thought Nalla was his bodyguard somehow.   They found the horses so they mounted up and sprinted toward the Dream Sanctuary.

They arrived two hours later to a very large hill that seems to be covered in a forest that is so thick that you cant see the other side.  They trotted up the hill.  Suddenly, they smelled smoke and they looked harder forward up the hill. They saw a orange glow coming from the top.  Heptel realized it was fire so he urged the horse to go quicker.  Nalla saw Heptel urging his horse and sprinted off, so she did the same and followed. They arrived to the top and saw a very confusing scene. 

There is a large stone building in the center of the clearing.  They can see people fighting each other and some fighting the fires. Some were near the edge of the forest trying to stop the fire.  They could see one very clear figure. There was a Half-Orc female running with a bucket full of water. 


This is where Nalla and Heptel is left off at.


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