Cleansing Dawn

The Dream Sanctuary
The Three Finally Meet

Tornin the barbarian was helping the guards fight the crazy fires that seemed to come alive.  At that moment, Nalla and Heptel arrived at the Sanctuary and saw so much chaos.   They heard a voice yelling at them to go and help stop the fires from spreading.  After a few minutes, the fires quelled down with help of the trio.  The voice that yelled at the duo earlier was from a woman clad in full plate armor.


She introduced herself as Diamara, a Paladin who was tasked to bring justice to a dark figure.   She said that she have to remain outside and make sure no more danger come.  SHe asked the three to go inside and secure the building.  


The trio finally introduced themselves and realized that they are meant to be together.  They went inside and discovered many different new things about each other and about the place.  After two hours of taking care of uninvited visitors and help secure the building from a unhinged fire elemental that nearly broke free of its iron prison, they found out that theres a coffin that Diamara is supposed to take care of. The trio, with help of an Owlbear and Sten the Dream Keeper, managed to find out that there is a ritual that is needed to vanquish the dark spirit that comes from the coffin.   One thing they noticed during their short time in the Dream Sanctuary was that they found a pair of twins who was being attacked by intellect devourers. They revealed that Diamara fought an odd person that happened to have a head of a octopus. The kids explained that a weird fog came in and the two people that was fighting seemed confused after the fog came. THey didnt feel comfortable being near Diamara.

They went in and fought the dark spirit while Heptel went on to complete the ritual.   When they managed to finish the ritual, they heard a female voice behind them cursing them for stopping the dark spirit from being free.    THey looked around quickly and saw that it was Diamara.  She said that the trio will not succeed in their quest. She fled quickly and vanished from sight.  The trio discussed with Sten and asked what should they do.  They decided to head back to Orzammar to consult with Queen Amber.  But they agreed that they needed to take precautions because of Tornin still being wanted for the murder of the King.    

This is where we left off with the three. 

The Druid and the Barbarian
Kaori Nalla Sunsinger Ogolakana and Myastan Heptel

As one of the five lunged at Heptel, Heptel reacted with a spell. Four out of the five were suddenly entangled by vines and weeds that came out of no where under them.   Two sprang free of the thorns, but not before Heptel casted another spell that seemed to inflict more damage to one of them. Suddenly one was impaled by a javelin that came out of no where.   

Nalla saw an opening and threw two different javelins at one of the hooded figures.  She leapt down after realizing that some of them are capable of weaving the magic around and inflict damage on her. She came in closer and helped Heptel take care of the five. One was still entangled until the end. He managed to break free, but not before his four companions were killed.  He decided to run.  Heptel tried to trip the last figure. But the figure managed to make it out alive and uncaught. 

Heptel turned to Nalla and introduced himself and thanking her for her help.  She greeted him as well and introduced herself as well.  once the pleasantries were exchanged, they heard a voice coming from the west.  Lady Mardred found them and told Heptel that she couldn't find Tornin anywhere.   Heptel nodded in agreement and told Mardred about what happened.  Mardred looked concerned and told one of the guards that was following her to find this figure and to bring to the dungeons without letting the Advisor know.  

Lady Mardred looked back at Heptel and glanced at Nalla.  Heptel told Mardred that Nalla helped him get out of that situation.  Nalla told them that she was to find the Orcish Princess and help her escape and to find the Druid as well.  SHe mentioned that she is a part of the Hunting Guild. Lady Mardred looked very happy to hear that.  She praised Irminsul and told them that they need to leave the city immediately to find her.  They looked at each other and they realized that they are in a bigger part of something big to come.   Heptel nodded and told Lady Mardred that he will stay in touch.  Lady Mardred smiled and said that Heptel didn't have to worry because Amber will always know what is happening.  She revealed that Amber and herself is a part of the Druids, as their protectors and spies in the outlying lands.  She said that Amber will contact him soon.   Heptel nodded once he understood what was happening. 

Nalla shrugged and went along with it.  She asked Mardred to let the Huntsman know.  She smiled and  said that he will know and if he need of her, he will contact Amber himself.    Mardred told them that there will be horses at the gates of the city waiting for them.  They need to head to the Dream Sanctuary in the northwest.  She whispered that Tornin should be heading there because that was the last thing Mardred told her. 

The duo nodded in agreement and headed south to the gates of the city.  They arrived to the gates and teh guards noticed Heptel and allowed them to pass. The guards thought Nalla was his bodyguard somehow.   They found the horses so they mounted up and sprinted toward the Dream Sanctuary.

They arrived two hours later to a very large hill that seems to be covered in a forest that is so thick that you cant see the other side.  They trotted up the hill.  Suddenly, they smelled smoke and they looked harder forward up the hill. They saw a orange glow coming from the top.  Heptel realized it was fire so he urged the horse to go quicker.  Nalla saw Heptel urging his horse and sprinted off, so she did the same and followed. They arrived to the top and saw a very confusing scene. 

There is a large stone building in the center of the clearing.  They can see people fighting each other and some fighting the fires. Some were near the edge of the forest trying to stop the fire.  They could see one very clear figure. There was a Half-Orc female running with a bucket full of water. 


This is where Nalla and Heptel is left off at.

The Chase
Kaori Nalla Sunsinger Ogolakana

Nalla found herself at the gates of the city, Orzammar with a lot of pelts from her travels.  She needed a way to make gold so she thought that she could sell her goods.  When she arrived at the gates, the guards asked her for her cause. She gestured at her pelts and the guards nodded and allowed her to enter, not before they gave her directions how to find the marketplace.   She thanked the guards and headed over to the marketplace.  She made it to the marketplace with no problems due to the noise of people yelling trying to sell their products.   She wandered for a bit before she got bumped by a boy who apologized and sprinted off.

She noticed that a couple of her best pelts was missing.  She saw the boy look back and realized she noticed that her pelts were missing. He started to run faster and disappeared into a crowd.  Nalla was angry so she decided to pursuit him.  She saw him pushing some people aside.  She chased him down the busy street.  He turned into a quieter street while pushing carts in her way.  She didn't even slow down.  She ran faster and leaped over overturned carts and products.  The people was surprised how adeptly she leaped over their goods with a heavy load on her back.   The boy looked back again while sprinting down the street and saw that she is still behind her.  He turned another corner into a narrow alley.  He kept grabbing boxes and carts to throw her off. 

Nalla turned into the same alley and saw that the alley was full of boxes. She saw a stack of boxes that looked like stairs almost.  She decided to run up the boxes and run along the roof.  However, the idea was clever.  She did manage to make it up on the roof but not before breaking one of the boxes and almost fell off the roof.   She scrambled to her feet on the rooftops.  She ran harder and saw that she could reach him before he vanished in a crowd again.  She ran harder and jumped off the roof. She managed to catch him and had him in a headlock when she heard a voice. 

The voice said that was an impressive catch she did.  She looked up at the voice and saw a tall man covered in furs and had a wolf pelt on his back where the head actually rests on top of his head. 

He asked if she was willing to let him go if he gave back the pelts.  Nalla didn't trust the boy but wanted to let him know that she was willing to compromise.  So she let him go but grabbed the back of his shirt.  The boy gave back the pelts.  She still had her hands on his shirt.  The man laughed and said that she didn't have to worry about him because he wont do it again.  He revealed that the boy is actually his nephew.   The boy scowled at the man.  The man introduced himself as the Huntsman and the boy as Paul.  Paul struggled a bit against Nalla's grasp.  She finally let him go after the Huntsman made a deal with her.  She was to train the boy how to trap as well as she did. She will be well compensated for her pelts and have a place to stay for the night. 

He invited her to his house for the night after a long day of training Paul.  Paul was a quick study which pleased Huntsman and Nalla a lot for different reasons.   Nalla had dinner with Huntsman, Paul, and Paul's mother.   Nalla stayed in her room for the evening, unsure of her new environments.  She didn't feel comfortable enough to sleep without her weapons nearby so she hid a javelin under the guest bed before she went ot sleep.

A few hours later, Nalla woke up with a jolt due to a loud alarm.   She jumped off ht bed and grabbed the javelin in one fluid motion.  She heard a knock at the door and the voice of Huntsman asking if she was presentable and to follow him downstairs. 

She grabbed all her stuff and followed him to teh front door.  He told her that she is to stay by his side until he says so.   They ran out fo the door with Paul's protests of wanting to go and his mother refusing him to go.    

Huntsman led Nalla down the big street up to the castle's massive gates.  There, they saw a large crowd of people gathering around two figures.  One was wearing a white hooded robe with a very indistinct symbol. One was in full plate armor.  The Hooded man spoke about what happened, that the King was murdered in his bedchambers by a Half-Orc woman that claimed to be the Orcish princess.  The people were to find her immediately and bring her back.   He turned to the full plate armored man and told him that he have the crowd's attention.  Nalla heard the man saying that he better find the woman or it will be his life.  the last word she heard was Captain.  

The Captain addressed the crowd by stating the guilds' names and what section of the city they have.   When everyone dispersed, the captain called for the Hunting Guild to come with him, Nalla noticed that it was just the Huntsman and her remaining.  SHe looked puzzled for a moment. She didn't have much time to think because the Huntsman started to walk toward the Captain and followed him through the gates.

They walked through the courtyard in silence. The Captain walked into the castle and the duo followed suit.   They walked through the lobby and entered a hallway to the right of the staircase on the first floor.  They entered another door that seems to be bedchambers intended for royalty.  The Captain told them that if they want, they can investigate the room and see fi they can find anything.  The Huntsman told the Captain that he appreciates that and that he will get the Captain if he find anything.

The Huntsman walked around while looking very carefully.  Nalla started to do the same but she noticed very briefly that the Huntsman did something odd with his nose but she just pegged it to something that she doesn't understand.   He asked her if she noticed anything.. Nalla was in the bathroom when he asked.  She looked at a pile of towels and noticed that there was something in there. She found a glass orb.  She pocketed it and told him about it.  The Huntsman said that he recognize it as a valuable gift from the Queen to the Orcish Princess. So it must be a lie. 

He told her to say nothing of this and ot keep it on her until she finds the Princess.  He said that there are evil things that will happen and it revolves the Princess somehow.   He told her that he thinks the Princess may be still in town and that we need to find her before anyone else could.  HE mentioned that there is a Druid here as well and he need to find him quickly.   

The Huntsman told Nalla that they need to separate to find her and the Druid.  Nalla asked how will she know who is who. The Huntsman told her that she will know when she encounters them for different reasons. For the princess, its because of her appearance. For the Druid, its the magical abilities the Druid possesses.    He also explained how Half-Orcs will look like and what teh Druid's general appearance may be, as they walked out fo the castle  and through teh courtyard.

They left the gates and separated.  Nalla headed East.   As she walked through the streets, she over heard a small group of five white hooded figures.  She recalled the advisor wearing a similar robe.  She noticed the same symbol while heard one say that they must find the Druid and make sure he join them or he will die.   They sprinted into an narrow alley.  She decided to follow them because of the Druid.   She kept her distance but realized she didn't hae to because they weren't looking behind them. They were looking for the druid.   She followed them down several different alleys and she decided to try and find the druid before they did while following them.  She saw similar boxes stacked to look like stairs.  She leaped up the boxes and landed on the roof very quietly.  She ran along the rooftops. 

On her left, she could see the five hooded people.  She glanced on her right, far head up the street, a tall hooded figure walking. It looks like the group will run into that figure. So she ran harder and arrived at the edge before the group did.  She knelt down behind a chimney and readied her javelin once she realized that the lone hooded figure was the druid.  

The group saw the hooded figure and confronted the figure.  From Nalla's perspective, it looked like teh group was threatening the figure somehow.  Then suddenly one lunged toward the figure.  She looked harder and saw the lone figure throw up an arm and suddenly four of the figures were entangled in something she couldn't see very well. 

Becoming a Druid
Myastan Heptel

It was late in the morning when Heptel was just arriving at the entrance of the city Orzammar, as he was encountered by the guards.  The guards asked for his cause for entrance.  Heptel was hooded at the time and he said that he's on a mission to meet with the Queen of the Mountain Valleys for Druids buisness.  The guards looked wary so Heptel turned around and showed the symbol of the Tree of the Druids, Irminsul.

The guards realized that Heptel was serious so they allowed him entrance. They told him to walk straight up the road and he will arrive at the gates of the Castle.   Heptel bowed his head and thanked them.  He walked through the entrance of the city.  He was marveled by the busy city life as he walked up to the gates.  When he arrived at the gates, he looked up and saw that the gates were around 200 feet high and completely secured by a large portcullis.  The guards there requested his reason.  Heptel stated his reason again.  The guards scoffed at him and laughed. They didn't believe him to be a Druid. So Heptel just placed his hand out, his palm facing up.  The guards stood back and saw his scaly hand.  They were very unsure.  Suddenly a beautiful flower grew out of his hand and Heptel asked if they believe him now. The guards realized that no one could do that unless they are a part of the Druids. They granted him admission and started the portcullis.   IT took them five minutes to lift the portcullis high enough for Heptel to walk through without bending down.   He still had the flower in his palm when he saw a Dwarven woman standing at the entrance looking like she was looking for someone.   He walked up to her and asked if she were looking for a Druid.  SHe nodded and asked if Heptel was the Druid.  He lowered his hood and handed her the flower acknowledging that he's the Druid.  She told him to follow her as she turned around to walk up the stairs.  She called for Vistra, a lady-in-waiting trainee.  A mousy looking young girl walked over very quickly and bowed.  The woman handed over the flower to Vistra and told her to go and plant it in the Garden of the Druids.  Vistra nodded and bowed before she departed.  The woman stopped and introduced herself as Lady Mardred, the head lady-in-waiting of Queen Amber Frostbeard.  Heptel took notice to the surname but didn't raise any voice toward that.  He introduced himself as Myastan Heptel, a new Druid.  She smiled and beckoned him to follow her.  She explained to Heptel about the castle and how their customs worked as they walked up the large, very large staircase. As Lady Mardred was explaining, Heptel walked with her and looked around the room.  He marveled at the fine stonework and took notice of four sets of balconies on both side of the rooms.  Lady Mardred explained that each floor have their own purpose.  Heptel noticed that there were no way of getting off at each floor. The staircase led up to the very top floor.

Once they arrived at the top floor, he saw a hallway on each side of the floor and right in front of him, he see a very large and ornate set of stone doors.  Lady Mardred walked up and stated her name and title and introduced Heptel as the Druid Heptel here to see the King and the Queen on Druid business.  The guards at the door nodded and grabbed the door handles and pulled.   The doors opened very easily.  Lady Mardred bowed and walked in.  Heptel just followed her in teh room.  

Heptel walked into a very large, but very ornate room. He could see two large stone thrones at the end of the room. The chairs were occupied.  He noticed that there was only five people in the room including Lady Mardred and himself.  Two of them were sitting on the stone thrones.  One was standing by the biggest throne. Heptel noticed the standing figure was wearing white hooded robes with a very indistinct symbol.  He looked over at the sitting figures. The one sitting on the largest throne was a male that looked a bit crazed but still together.  The other sitting figure was a stout female that looked very pleased to see Heptel.   Lady Mardred stopped 20 feet away from the thrones and stated her identity and introduced Heptel to the three figures. She turned around and introduced the three figures.  The sitting male is King Flint Fireforge while the female is Queen Amber Frostbeard.  Lady Mardred introduced the hooded figure as the Royal Advisor. 

Flint Fireforge

Amber Frostbeard

The symbol on the robes.

Lady Mardred bowed again before walking up to stand by Queen Amber.  The King addressed Heptel as the Druid, demanding why he requested their audience.  Heptel introduced himself and told the King that he was asked to come here to check on the royalty and to see how they were doing because his mentor is Bruenor Frostbeard and Silaqui felt it was appropriate for Heptel to inform them that. It was what Silaqui told him to tell them if this was asked from the King.  Heptel knew that the king was not in the right state of mind and Silaqui didn't trust the king at the point.   The King scoffed and said that this was a waste of their time. He stood up and walked off to the right side of the room with the Advisor in tow. Heptel looked on as they walked out. Heptel noticed the symbol on the back of the robes.

Queen Amber just sat there quietly.  When the sound of the door closed behind the Advisor, Queen Amber looked over at Lady Mardred and asked if its safe to talk.   Lady Mardred nodded and Queen Amber stood up. She walked down the few steps down over to Heptel and addressed him as Heptel.

She asked him how Silaqui was doing.  She beckoned at him to walk by her as they walk down to the left side of the room.  He replied that Silaqui is doing well and that she requested him to go and talk to Queen Amber alone if possible.   Queen Amber smiled and told Heptel to call her Amber.   She went on to say that she is doing well and to let Silaqui know. She asked how the old grouch Bruenor was doing.  Heptel must have looked confused because Amber started to laugh and explained that Bruenor is her older brother and he was supposed to assume the throne. But he refused and left, leaving the throne to King Flint.  She asked Heptel to join her for dinner in the royal dining room.  Heptel accepted the invitation.   Amber smiled again and told Heptel to take a short rest until then. She told Lady Mardred to go with him and ensure hes comfortable.  

Lady Mardred led Heptel back down to teh large lobby and walked to the left side of the entrance.  She told him that she will be back shortly to retrieve him for dinner. She said that Queen Amber have more things she want to ask btu she had other responsibilities she needed to tend to first.  Lady Mardred departed.  Heptel sat down and gathered his thoughts while figuring out how to ask Queen Amber the questions he was to ask about the rising concerns of Silaqui and the real reason behind why he was sent to meet with her.  About a half hour went by before Heptel heard a knock at the door.  He walked over and opened the door. It was Lady Mardred smiling.  She asked if he is ready for dinner.  He nodded and walked with her back up the stairs to the royal dining room.   

They entered teh dining room.  There was a very long table with so many chairs.   Heptel noticed that the King sat at one end while the Queen sat on the other side.  He also saw that the Advisor was still by the king's side.   Lady Mardred told Heptel to sit on the Queen's right.    Heptel did as he was told.

They sat and ate in silence for ten minutes before the King stood up and said that he's going to his bedchambers for the night. The king walked off. The advisor stood there a bit staring at Heptel, before following the King.   Once the door closed behind the advisor, Amber said that its safe to talk now.   She said that Heptel must have a lot of questions already.  Heptel nodded and asked her about the advisor and the symbol.  Amber looked at Heptel and smiled faintly.  She said that the advisor is new, he replaced the old one who was found dead in his bedchambers.  She have no idea how teh new one was found so quickly.  She explains about teh symbol and shared her thoughts.  Oddly enough, her thoughts matched Silaqui's thoughts.   Heptel confirmed that and shared what Silaqui's thoughts were.  Amber nodded in agreement and said that she will resume to keep an eye on the Advisor and his activities.   Heptel and Amber sat in teh dining room for two hours conversing about what is happening and what's going on.  Amber mentioned something about a Half-Orc princess that is in the castle and she believes that the princess may be in great danger because fo the same symbol.  Amber asked Heptel to meet her and the princess in the morning. She believes that they both can benefit from each other greatly.   She told Heptel that it is getting late and she need to rest for the night.  She asked Lady Mardred to lead Heptel back to his room and ensure his guards to be there.  

Lady Mardred nodded and led Heptel back to the bedroom.   She said that if Heptel needed anything, to just tell one fo the guards to go and retrieve one of the squires.   She bowed Heptel farewell.  Heptel sat on his bed for a moment.  He started to get ready for bed and went to sleep.  

A few hours went by and Heptel was awoken up by a loud alarm going off.  He jumped out of the bed and grabbed his staff.  Next thing he heard was a very loud knock at the door. Heptel didn't move a inch when teh door opened and Lady Mardred ran in and asking if Heptel was okay.  Heptel nodded.  She replied with Good! Come with me!   She spun around and ran out of the room.  Heptel grabbed all his stuff and followed her out.   They ran out of the castle into teh court yard.  Heptel saw a large crowd gathering at the gates.  She told him to follow her.  She ran to the left side and opened a door and went in. Heptel followed suit.  They found themselves on teh other side of the castle walls.  She walked up into the crowd with Heptel on her heels.  They saw teh Advisor standing in front of the crowd.  He started to talk about the king being murdered and the murderer is a half orc woman that claimed to be the Orcish Princess.  He said that it is not true and that she must be caught immediately.  Then the Advisor turned to one man in armor and said that the group is now to him and advisor called him Captain.  At that point, Mardred turned to Heptel and whispered that Tornin is the true princess and she did NOT kill the king.  Amber knows the truth and Mardred knows the truth.  Its the advisor who did but they need to gather evidence to connect them.   She asked Heptel to find Tornin and ensure she still lives because she is very important to the kingdoms!  She told Heptel that Tornin should make it out of th city but if not, she cant be found by anyone but Mardred or Heptel.  If they cant find her, it means she made it out safely but which mean Heptel will have to go and find her.  Mardred said that she will find him within two hours. 

Heptel nodded and headed east while Mardred headed west.    Heptel was walking around and looking for Tornin when he was confronted by a group of five white hooded figures.  They said that he, the druid, must come with them or die. Heptel refused to. So at that point, one of the figures lunged at Heptel. 



Tornin Thokk

After a long rough night of riding, Tornin made it to the city, Orzammar, early in the morning.  She carefully made her way to the main entrance of the castle.  SHe was taken aback by the sheer size of the castle.  She stood at 5'8 and the main gate of the castle stood at TWO HUNDRED feet. She stated her reason for admission.  She was glared the whole way from entering Orzammar to the castle's gate.  You have to understand, the Dwarves and the Orcs hate each other.  The two races always have been at it until the Druids intervened and established the Treaty of the Druids.  The details of the treaty have been long forgotten but they do remember one thing, if there's a war, it will mean the end of the Druids' support.   As she stood there waiting for permission to enter, she heard the portcullis's gears start to grind and move.  It took the guards five minutes to get the portcullis high enough for Tornin to walk through without bending down to avoid hitting her head on the metal. She met up with Lady Mardred, the main lady-in-waiting of the Queen.  

Lady Mardred apologized for the long wait.  She told Tornin she can have her horse rested in the the stables.   Lady Mardred motioned for Tornin to follow her.  They walked into the castle's lobby.  Tornin stopped for a moment and looked around the room.  The lobby is similar to the gate in the matters of height.  The room is two hundred feet high and she could see four floors up.  There are balconies on the sides of the room that shows how many floors that are visible.  She could see one large but very ornate set of stairs that take up the whole room.  Lady Mardred explained that this is the primary entrance to see the King and the Queen but first she need to take Tornin to the guest quarters so she can refreshen up.  Tornin agreed on the idea of refreshen up before meeting the Queen.  Lady Mardred led Tornin into a hallway on teh right side of the large staircase. Lady Mardred led Tornin into a room that is quite large.  She told Tornin that she will have a lady-in-waiting to stand by for her.  She departed for a short time and returned with a young and mousy looking female dwarf. Lady Mardred introduced the young female as Vistra, a lady-in-waiting that is in training.  Lady Mardred told Vistra to help Tornin with anything she need.  She said that she will return when the Queen is ready for her. Lady Mardred departed very quietly and closed the door behind her. Vistra asked if Tornin wanted help getting out of her traveling gear and into the bath.  Tornin agreed and had Vistra helping her get out of the gear and into the bath.  Vistra told her she need to go and get the dresses for Tornin and bowed before departing. Tornin sat in the steamy tub for a good chunk of time and relaxed. 

Tornin heard Vistra return with two other girls.  Vistra knocked at the door asking if Tornin was ready to be out of the bath.  Tornin told Vistra that she is ready.  With that, Vistra entered the room and helped Tornin out of the bath. With two other girls' help, Vistra got Tornin dry and in one of the guest dresses.  They heard a knock at the door and a voice wafted in the room asking if Tornin is presentable for company.  Vistra came to the door and opened the door saying yes.  IT was Lady Mardred standing at teh door. She smiled and entered the room.  She asked if the dress fit Tornin well. Tornin was surprised at how well the dress fit.   Lady Mardred explained that its one of the many many different duties the ladies-in-waiting possesses.  Lady Mardred told Vistra to tidy up and to wait here while Lady Mardred take Tornin up to meet with the Queen.

Lady Mardred led Tornin out of the room and down the same hallway in the opposite direction.   They arrived at one of many large tapestry.  Lady Mardred glanced around before moving one side of the tapestry and revealed a door. She opened the door and motioned for Tornin to enter.  Tornin went in first with Lady Mardred behind her. Lady Mardred closed the door quietly and told Tornin to follow her.  They walked down the quiet hallway to a spiral staircase.  She went up the stairs with Tornin in tow.  The spiral staircase seemed to go forever.  They finally arrived at the landing and there was a door that seemed to be a part of the wall. If it wasn't for Lady Mardred opening the door, Tornin wouldn't have noticed that it was a door instead of a wall.  They entered the room and Tornin stopped a bit because she was surprised how large the room was and how covered the room was in different fabric, different materials, so many different colors.  She saw Lady Mardred walk up to a chair and bowed.  She realized that the chair wasn't empty.  A beautiful stout woman was sitting there working on a large tapestry.  

Tornin saw that it was the Queen, Amber Frostbeard.  The Queen stopped working on the tapestry and stood up and beckoned for Tornin to come closer and sit by her.  Tornin came over and sat down, but not before curtsying  to the Queen.  The Queen laughed and said that she didn't have to do that.  The Queen told Tornin to call her Amber, not Queen Amber. Amber went on to ask Tornin how her family was doing. Tornin started to explain to Amber about what happened since then.   Amber just sat there and listened while Tornin explained about the advisor and the fight that broke out before she fled.  Amber looked very sad when Tornin finished her short story.  Amber said that she had suspicions that someone have been stopping her letters to Tornin's mother and that Tornin's story confirmed Amber's suspicions. She stood up and walked over to a large tapestry, while asking Tornin if the advisor had this symbol etched on his robes somewhere.  

Tornin nodded yes. Amber looked very angry and cursed which startled Tornin a bit.  She explained a bit about what this symbol was and what her suspicions were.  Amber told Tornin that she have a guest she need to attend to soon and that Lady Mardred will escort Tornin back to her room for the evening.  She also said that Miss Vistra will be bringing in her dinner and to remain by her side until Lady Mardred come and get her in the morning.   Lady Mardred escorted Tornin back to her room, but not before Tornin could give Amber a big hug.

Three hours later, Tornin was sitting in her room when Vistra said she need to go.  Tornin didn't pay her any mind until she heard a loud banging on her door, a half hour after Vistra left.  Tornin jumped up and walked very quickly to the door. She saw Lady Mardred wearing full leather armor and looking very concerned.  She asked where Vistra was. Tornin said that she has been gone for a bit.  Lady Mardred looked very angry and told Tornin to go and get her gear on because Tornin need to go right now.  Tornin looked very confused and went to get her gear on.  As Tornin was donning her gear, she asked what is going on.  As she asked what was happening, a very loud alarm went off and Lady Mardred jumped.  She yelled at Tornin to hurry and follow her!  Tornin leapt off her feet and followed Mardred. Lady Mardred gave her the very short version of the story.  Apparently the King was murdered and the murderer is Tornin. Lady Mardred knew that this isn't true, hence her aiding Tornin.  She explained that Amber knew it as well and wants Tornin to go to the Dream Sanctuary in the Northwestern part of the Mountain Valleys.  Lady Mardred told Tornin that right now Tornin have only five minutes to get out before the gates are sealed.  Tornin beckoned Lady Mardred farewell and said she will send word to her about her whereabouts.  Lady Mardred said no need because Amber will always know.  

Tornin mounted her horse and sprinted out of Orzammar while the alarm is blaring away.  She headed northwest.  She arrived at the base of a very large and thick forest that seems to be on a very large hill.  She dismounted her horse and walked up the hill with her horse.  Half way up the hill, she could smell smoke and could see the orange glow of fire.  She realized osmething is on fire up the hill.  So she ran up the hill and saw a large stone building in middle of a clearing that seems to be full fo activity.  There were people fighting against eachother and some were fighting the fire.  Tornin was standing dumbstruck when someone yelled at her to go and help stop the fire from spreading!   Tornin ran and grabbed a bucket of water.


This is where Tornin stops off at.




The start

The world of Darkvoid is an interesting world. There are six lands in total but only five are well known. The sixth is a mystery to the majority of the world's residents.  The five lands are: Draconia- the land of the Dragonborns, Aurora- the land of Elves, Gnominani-the land of Gnomes, the Shireland- the land of Halflings, and Mountain Valleys- the land of Dwarves.  With that said, there are many more races that do live in the world of Darkvoid such as the Genasi's, the nomadic tribes of Goliaths, the bloodthristy Orcs, the versatile Humans, the winged race of Aarakocra, the demonic looking Tieflings, andthe angelic Aasimar.  Naturally, there are mixed races such as Half-elves and Half-Orcs. They live with their respective races depending on who decided to keep the child or take the child.

One thing you have to understand about this world, it is not exactly a normal world.  It is surrounded in darkness. The world do have a sun that comes every 1000 years.  With that said, the races have developed ways to survive without the sunlight.  However, there is an sinister influence within the world of Darkvoid.  There are people that desire to see the sunlight envelope the world forever and ever. if that is to happen, it will mean great danger to many and many living things.    Magic is very rare and is watched very closely by the Templars and the Circle of Magi.

We will be focusing on the adventures of three unique individuals in this adventure.; the Orcish Princess Tornin Thokk, the Dragonborn Myastan Heptel, and the Goliath Kaori Nalla "Sunsinger" Ogolakana.

Tornin is a Half-Orc being that was raised in the Orcish Royality.  Being a Half-Orc, she have the bloodthirst of fighting and she decided on embracing that by becoming a dangerous Barbarian. The Orcs were granted a small section fo the Mountain Valleys to have as their "kingdom."  The Orc King/Queen are to work closely with the true Kings/Queens of Mountain Valleys.  Devastated with the loss of her family because of the new Royal Advisor, she fled her kingdom and seeking shelter from the Queen of the Mountain Valleys.

Heptel is a rare breed of Silver Dragonborn that was isolated the majority of his life.  You can see many different shades of Dragonborns but Silver ones are very rare and considered very dangerous because of the strong blood connections they have to the realm of Magic.   Heptel have an uncanny connection with the powerful force of Nature.  During one of his fun trysts out in the Wilds of Draconia, he ran into a woman that was trapped in quicksand. He came ot her rescue and little did he know that his life will be changed forever.  She is the Arch-Druid Silaqui.  She introduced Heptel to the world of the Druids. After two years of training, he earned his place as a Druid and was to go to Orzammar and request the presence of the Queen Amber Frostbeard of the Mountain Valleys on the request of the Tree of Druids, Irminsul.  He gained a lot of insight about what is going on in the world of Darkvoid.

Kaori, or we will call her as Nalla, was raised in an unique tribe of Goliaths that does not travel. She was raised in the way of the Barbarian Totemic Warrior. Her tribe have a different type of beliefs about how the world worked and how they will continue after they die.  They believe that the soul of the departed will burn a hole in the dark sky and create a "hole" or a star where they can pass through to the beyond. And the holes are how the departed are to watch over their tribe.   She experienced a loss in her life that drove her to travel around the land of Mountain Valleys. She arrived to the city of Orzammar where the ruling King and QUeen of the Mountain Valleys resides.  During an encounter, she met the Huntsman of the Hunting Guild.  He invited her to join the Guild.  


The adventure starts now.

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